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Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, I will take note of your full medical history, presenting health complaint, diet, family history and lifestyle in order to observe a full picture of your health.

If necessary I may need to carry out a physical examination if it is useful in diagnosing or monitoring a particular health condition.

I will then make the herbal preparation from my dispensary after the consultation and deliver to you once it is ready.  I can only deliver within a 10 mile radius of the clinic.

£60 for 1 hour plus prescription fee of £9 per week

Follow up Consultations

After taking the prescribed herbs for an agreed period of time, I will see you again for a follow up consultation. This is to establish what changes have occurred in your condition and if the prescription needs to be amended at all until your health is improved.

Depending on the reason for seeing me, the number of follow up consultations will vary. 

£40 for 30 minutes plus prescription fee of £9 per week 


Repeat Prescriptions

If a repeat prescription is required and no follow up consultation is necessary then I am able to dispense and deliver for the following cost.

£10 per week for a repeat prescription

Cancellation policy-

Please give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If less than 48 hours notice is given you will need to pay £15 to cover the room rental charge at the clinic.

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